Disney ★★★477452572872 - TaleSpin Volume 3 2-Disc DVD Set ◇◇◇ Best Price

Disney ★★★477452572872 - TaleSpin Volume 3 2-Disc DVD Set ◇◇◇ Best Price

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The excitement soars as happy-go-lucky pilot Baloo the bear (from The Jungle Book) and his faithful navigator Kit Cloudkicker take to the skies for the final 11 episodes of TaleSpin.

Climb aboard for big laughs and adventure as Baloo and his buddies face off against the sinister villain El Gato over the dreaded Idol of Doom. Then buckle up for even more excitement as the TaleSpin friends discover prehistoric life on the banks of a magical river, rescue Molly from a mad scientist's lab and try to unravel the mystery of a long-lost pilot! Bring your family together for hours of high-flying entertainment with this magical TaleSpin collection!

Episodes: Destiny Rides Again, Mach One for the Gipper, Stuck on You, The Sound and the Furry, The Ransom of Red Chimp, The Road to Macadamia, Your Baloo's in the Mail, Paradise Lost, The Incredible Shrinking Molly, Bygones, Flying Dupes

Tech Specs:

  • 2 Disc DVD Set (11 episodes)
  • Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
  • Sound: Dolby 2.0
  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 251 minutes
  • DVD for Region 1 use (US and Canada) only

Item No.477452572872