Disney ★★★477450426894 - Return to Oz DVD ◇◇◇ Best Price

Disney ★★★477450426894 - Return to Oz DVD ◇◇◇ Best Price

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Dorothy finds herself back in the Land of Oz, where she makes new friends and dangerous enemies as she tries to restore the crumbling dreamworld to its former glory.

In this dramatic sequel to The Wizard of Oz, accompany Dorothy Gale on a second thrilling adventure based on L. Frank Baum's classic ''Oz'' books! Dorothy finds herself back in the land of her dreams -- and makes delightful new friends (like Tik Tok, Jack Pumpkinhead, and the Gump) -- and dangerous new enemies (the creepy Wheelers, the head-hunting Princess Mombi, and the evil Nome King). With every twist in the Yellow Brick Road, you'll find awesome new surprises and fantastic special effects to astound you! Starring Fairuza Balk, Jean Marsh, Nicol Williamson, and Piper Laurie. Directed by Walter Murch.

Tech Specs:

  • Presentation: Widescreen
  • Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
  • Primary Language: English, French
  • Sound: Digitally Mastered
  • Running Time: 110 minutes
  • For Region 1 use (US and Canada) only
  • Rating: PG

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